Hey, I’m Hannes, an Associate Professor of Marketing at Tilburg University.

I develop advanced econometric models that guide managerial decision-making and inform public policy in the area of digital media consumption (e.g., on streaming services, on digital TV), branding, and retailing.

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Honors and Awards

Outstanding Reviewer Award

Member of the editorial review board

Top 3 - Best Teacher Award

Teaching Innovation Award

Member of the editorial review board

Member of the editorial review board

Member of the Tilburg University Young Academy

Member of the editorial review board

Teaching Excellence Award

Winner of TiSEM’s Best Teacher Award for Master course

Winner of the Teacher of the Year Award

Recent Blog Posts

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  • +31 13 466 8938
  • Warandelaan 2, Koopmans Building, Room K728, 5037 AB Tilburg, Netherlands