Start your peer review with this template

I’ve recently attended a webinar by the editors of the Journal of Marketing on writing efficient peer reviews.

On the basis of that seminar, I’ve created a Word template, encompassing these five sections:

  1. Synopsis of the paper
  2. Evaluation of contribution
  3. Major conceptual and methodological weaknesses and recommendations
  4. Evaluation of readability
  5. Minor comments and suggestions

While I did implicitly gave feedback along these dimensions on papers I have reviewed in the past, the proposed structure did add more clarity to my reviews. Maybe also to yours? Feel free to use and modify it. Download the template here!

Hannes Datta
Associate Professor of Marketing

I develop advanced econometric models that guide managerial decision-making and inform public policy in the area of digital media consumption (e.g., on streaming services), branding, and retailing. Watch an overview video here.