Workshop on webscraping and APIs

While visiting WU Vienna for a talk, I have given a workshop on collecting web data using web scraping and APIs. Download the slide deck here.

Workshop Invitation

Learning Goals

  • How to select web data sources and extraction methods for academic research?
  • How do a researcher’s design decisions affect research validity, technical feasibility, and ethical/legal risks of collecting web data?
  • Receive feedback on own the design of one’s web data collection


Workshop Agenda

10.00-10:15Introduction & why to scrape/use APIs
10:15-10:45Data source selection + feedback on submissions
11:00-11:40Extraction design + feedback on submissions
11:40-12:00Future Research Opportunities

Any PhD student and faculty member, including research master students, interested in collecting data from websites or APIs for academic research. No technical skills for scraping/APIs required.